The registration for GTTC VET programs has started.

The registration for GTTC VET programs has started.

On October 4th, 2017 the registration on GTU Technical Training Center vocational educational programs has started and will last until 15 October.

The registration is available everyday, from 10:00 to 16:00, except Sunday. (Tbilisi, 77 Kostava, Administrative Building, 3rd floor, room №352).

Every interested person has the opportunity, through state financing, master the GTU Technical Training Center vocational educational professions, which are demanded on labor market:

  • High voltage electrician;
  • Industrial Automation;
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician;
  • Mechatronics.

For the detailed information about vocational educational programs follow the url:

Registration also can be done, through the existing resource centers in Georgia and in any vocational educational program performing state institution.

Applicants have the opportunity to register online through vocational educational web page (

Reminding that applicant can register on several programs under one direction!

Registered applicant, in several day after registration, will receive exam card, which will contain the information about exam location and date. After the results, applicants will be able to overview their registration and their choice and change under one direction the list of desired programs, taking into account their exam notes.

The information about exams and exam samples are placed on web-page of Assessment and Exam National Center  ( Special educational needed individuals are registering on base of above mentioned, although they are using alternative vocational testing, which minds checking and assessing multi-disciplined group and profession.

The representatives of ethnic minorities, which are Georgian citizens and which can’t receive vocational education because of language barriers, will have the opportunity to take exams on Russian, Armenian and Azerbaijan languages. For them to learn Georgian language in vocational programs Georgian language module will be integrated.

Good Luck!

Georgian Technical Training Center.